Conference Day 1, Tuesday, March 24th 2015 (09:00 - 19:00)

09.00 - 09.30: Welcome and Opening

Welcome Note

Peter Meissner
CEO, NGMN Alliance

Opening Keynote

Bruno Jacobfeuerborn
Chairman, NGMN Alliance
Director of Technology Telekom Deutschland GmbH and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Deutsche Telekom AG

09.30 - 12.45: NGMN 5G White Paper Keynote Session

The NGMN 5G White Paper outlines end-to-end operator requirements that have been developed in close interaction with the NGMN Partners. This session will provide an overview on the structure and content of the White Paper. It serves as an introduction to the following sessions covering the different White Paper sections on “Vision, Business Context and Use- Cases”, “Requirements”, “Technology & Architecture”, “Spectrum” and “IPR”.

Rachid El Hattachi
SVP, Deutsche Telekom

Javan Erfanian
Distinguished Member of Technology, Bell Mobility

White Paper Session on Vision, Business Context and Use Cases

5G is positioned to address the market demand and business environment of 2020 and beyond. It will enable a fully mobile and connected society and will empower socio-economic transformations in countless ways. The industry will see the emergence of new use cases and business models driven by customers’ and operators’ needs. These will be enabled both by the maturity of current technologies and by the emergence of new key technologies.

This session will highlight the main use-cases, business models and operator value proposition envisaged for 2020 and beyond.

Sandro Dionisi
Director of Engineering & Telecom Italia Lab, Telecom Italia

Armando Annunziato
NGMN Work Stream Lead
NW Design and Development, Telecom Italia

Bertrand Grau
Principal, Arthur D. Little

Kevin Holley
Head of Standards, Telefónica

Joachim Horn
CTIO, Tele2

White Paper Session on Requirements

5G requirements are derived out of NGMN’s vision of the potential use cases and business models for 2020 and beyond. NGMN believes that the requirements shall satisfy the value creation that operators intend to deliver to the different types of customers and partners. Requirements have been defined along the six dimensions: User experience, system performance, devices, enhanced service, business models and network management & operation.

Speakers in this session will give an in-depth introduction to the White Paper requirements, highlight the most challenging parameters and will propose priorities.

Joachim Horn
CTIO, Tele 2

Eric Hardouin
NGMN Work Stream Co-lead
Coordinator of Research on Wireless NW, Orange

Hugh Bradlow
Chief Scientist, Telstra

Tom Keathley

Rene Schiefer
Director Access & Transport, Telekom Austria Group

Zhu Peiying
Huawei Fellow, Huawei

10.45 - 11.15: Networking Break & Exhibition Visit

White Paper Session on Technology & Architecture

The 5G architecture should be designed in a way to accommodate a wide range of use cases, business and partnership models. The overall aim is to optimize network usage and to address the market needs in an agile and cost efficient manner.
Speakers in this session will present the White Paper technology gap analysis, design principles and the initial architecture concepts.

Seizo Onoe

Mikio Iwamura
NGMN Work Stream Lead
Director, Wireless Research Group, NTT DoCoMo

Russell Hsing
Professor, National Chiao Tung University

Uwe Janssen
VP Innovation & Research, Deutsche Telekom

Theodore Sizer
VP Wireless Research Program, Alcatel-Lucent

White Paper Session on Spectrum

Evolving today’s smartphone use cases and expanding into a wide range of new ones with significant traffic growth will require far more spectrum than is currently allocated to mobile broadband. Ensuring the availability of the right amount of spectrum, considering relevant spectrum bands and spectrum management, is key to providing the required consistent user experience across different use cases.
International subject matter experts will provide an overview on spectrum bands for 5G, spectrum management options and the related ITU roadmap.

Alain Maloberti
SVP Networks, Orange

Stefan Apetrei
NGMN Work Stream Lead
Dep. Direct., Strategy & Intern. Plan., Orange

Gerhard Fettweis
Member Board of Governors, ComSoc, IEEE

Eric Smeitink
Manager Technology & Innovation, KPN

Simon Wilson
Head of Spectrum Technology, Telefónica

White Paper Session on IPR

NGMN is aiming for a transparent and predictable IPR eco-system across the mobile industry that will support the commercial implementation of 5G technologies and will ensure that the business case for 5G is sustainable.
Operator and vendor specialists will discuss the current IPR eco-system and present potential future improvements.

Luke Ibbetson
Head of R&D Technology, Vodafone

Stefan Engel-Flechsig
Legal Counsel, NGMN Alliance

Luigi Licciardi
Head of Tech. Plan and Standards, Telecom Italia

Philippe Lucas
SVP International Standards, Orange

Martin Natt och Dag
Senior Group Legal Counsel, Ericsson

Dirk Weiler
Head of Standards Management & Horizontal, Nokia

12.45 - 13.45: Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit - Kindly sponsored by Ericsson

13.45 - 16.10: Services, Vertical Industry Applications & Devices

Demand for new services from end-customers, enterprises and industry verticals like health or automotive will drive and shape the evolution of 5G. This session provides insights into current trends and potential future developments around mobile applications, services and the underlying enabling platforms. Furthermore, the market demand for new devices and chipsets and the related technology roadmap will be discussed.

Luis-Jorge Romero
Director General, ETSI

Martin Reitenspiess
Vice President/Partner, Strategy&

The Mobile Ecosystem 2020 and beyond

  • Mobile industry trends and phenomena
  • Value chain disruptions and demand development: consumer and industry verticals
  • Business opportunities and the related technology platform impact

Jack Barrett
Senior Director, Strategic Field Marketing, Juniper

Winning Next Gen Mobile User with an Agile Network

  • 5G: Tipping point for the industry
  • Business opportunities, partnerships, value creation
  • Critical technology components, platforms, processes

Roberto Minerva
Head of Innovative Architectures, Telecom Italia

IoT and 5G

  • What is IoT and what are its several challenges?
  • The IoT and its communication needs, possibilities and disruptions
  • The synergies between IoT and 5G

Ralf Jahns
Managing Director, research2guidance

Succesful mHealth App Publishing

  • What is the size of the mHealth app market opportunity?
  • What are the components of a best-in-class mHealth app?
  • Which business models will work in the next 3 years?
  • How to create user retention?
  • What roles exists in the mHealth app ecosystems and which will work best?

Benjamin Sarda
Director of Product Marketing, Orange Healthcare

The Network-Centric Approach to Healthcare: New Perspectives on Connected Health

  • Understanding how enhanced access to medical data is increasing the efficiency of healthcare systems
  • Overcoming the challenges of big data in healthcare through smart data
  • Leveraging real-time access to patient information via connected medical devices to provide better patient care

Stefan Butz
VP New Digital Data- and Business Models, BMW

The Connected Car - Opportunities and Solutions - Data and Business Models

  • Customer need for intelligent and connected mobility solutions in urban/metro areas
  • Drivers for change in the automotive industry
  • New business models and the role of OEM in automotive

Kobi Scheim
Senior Researcher, General Motors

Next Generation Cellular System Requirements – An Automotive Perspective

  • Automotive trends
  • Use cases / requirements
  • Mapping and prioritizing

Anes Hodzic
Managing Director, Bosch Professional Systems

Connected and Convenient Mobility enabled by 5G

  • Future mobility trends and drivers
  • Industry chances and impacts of improved connected vehicle
  • Enablers for more convenient and safe driving experience

Bernd Adler
VP Platform Engineering Group, Intel

5G Vision and Implication on Access and Silicon Technologies

  • Key technology drivers and Innovations
  • Needed breakthrough
  • End to end security
  • Implications of massive densification
  • Way forward – millimeter wave

16.10 - 16.40: Networking Break & Exhibition Visit

16.40 - 18.30: Technology Outlook (Research Perspective)

Several 5G research initiatives and programs have been successfully launched. In this session, representatives from leading research institutes will provide their perspective on future technology development, most promising technology candidates and potential challenges. Among others, the speakers will explore topics such as the concepts of fullduplex, tactile internet, mm-wave communication, and information-centric networking.

Chih-Lin I
Chief Scientist, Wireless Technologies, China Mobile Research Institute

Gerhard Fettweis
Vodafone Chair Mobile Communications Systems, Technical University Dresden

A Holistic View on 5G

  • 5G is not just another “G” aiming at a new air interface alone
  • 5G is about controlling and steering real and virtual object in real-time Tactile Internet latency of down to 1ms
  • 5G is also about integrating WLAN with speeds reaching for 1Tb/s
  • An agile and distributed cloud, enabling seamless user experience and new market opportunities
  • 5G will also reach into mmWave communications, but which frequency range makes sense?

Thomas Haustein
Head of Wireless Comm. and Networks, Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute

5G Research Challenges and how to Address them in Practice

  • Massive MIMO
  • Millimeter Wave for Backhaul and Access
  • Waveforms
  • 5G-Berlin Testbed

Jiao Bingli
Professor, Peking University

Spatial Modulated Co-frequency and Co-Time Duplex

  • System Specification
  • Test Method
  • Demo system

Raymond Knopp
Professor, Eurecom

Bringing Open-Source Technology into the 5G Arena

  • The need for Open-Source in 5G prototyping

    • bringing academia into 5G experimentation
    • better integration of IT technologies

  • The OAI Software Alliance

    • Objectives and target industry partner areas
    • License and Membership options
    • 5G Targets

  • Case Study for OAI : CloudRAN

Thomas Kürner
Professor, Technische Universität Braunschweig

Ultra-high Data Rate Transmission with Steerable Antennas at 300 GHz

  • Possible applications for ultra-high data rates of 100 Gbit/s and beyond
  • Requirement for beam steering
  • Demonstrator

Rudolf Mathar
Professor, RWTH Aachen

Full-Duplex for 5G: Signal Processing and Technological Issues

  • Full Duplex (FD) transmission for 5G
  • FD basics, motivating aspects for 5G, practical challenges
  • FD system requirements
  • FD transceiver realization (overcoming self-interference)
  • Potential FD applications

Hugo Tullberg
Technical Manager of the METIS project, Ericsson

The METIS 5G Concept

  • 5G scenarios
  • METIS 5G system concept overview
  • Three generic 5G services
  • Four main enablers
  • Selected technology components and simulation result

Evening Event - Kindly sponsored by Huawei