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5G Highlight of the Year

The 5th generation of mobile technology (5G) is positioned to address the demands and business contexts of 2020 and beyond. It will enable a fully mobile and connected society that is characterized by a tremendous growth in connectivity, traffic density and volume as well as a broad range of use cases and business models.

NGMN had and still has a central role in the definition of operator requirements contributing signifi cantly to the overall success of LTE. In the meantime, LTE and LTE – Advanced have become truly global and mainstream mobile technology, that will continue to support the customer and market needs for many years to come.

A global initiative has been launched by NGMN to define the end-to-end requirements for 5G. The requirements have been outlined by the operators, in close interaction with all NGMN partners, in the NGMN 5G White Paper, to address the needs of customers and markets beyond 2020. The White Paper serves as a guideline for 5G definition and standardization, and also delivers insight into areas of further exploration by NGMN and other industry stakeholders.

The content and main messages of the 5G White Paper will be publicly presented at the NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibition 24-25 March 2015 in Frankfurt / Germany. Board Directors, senior industry and research representatives as well as subject matter experts will be on stage to share detailed insights and viewpoints, and to discuss in panels and with the audience the White Paper and all related technology and eco-system aspects.

The conference will provide a comprehensive overview on 5G requirements, technology evolution, architecture principles, future services, spectrum demand and IPR policy. In addition you will get a clear and coherent view on the coming years’ roadmap and end-to-end solutions including access, core, devices and network management.

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New Exhibition Partner

Welcome to our new Exhibition Partner!

We are happy to announce that MagnaCom will also be present at the NGMN Industry Conference with an exhibition booth.